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The Building Blocks of Financial Literacy

November is Financial Literacy Month. It’s a great initiative, but in reality, every month is a good time to learn […]

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Financial Literacy Month is Every Month

November is Financial Literacy Month. You may hear about events and program launches designed to increase the financial capabilities of […]

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Investing as a Post-secondary Student

Apartment rented for the school year? Check. Class schedule finalized? Check. Laptop in good working order? Check. Investment portfolio optimized? […]

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Free Advice Can Cost You a Fortune

Financial advice can benefit everyone, no matter how simple or complex their situation. From building up emergency savings and funding […]

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Where Should Amy Stash Her Cash?

By anyone’s standards, Amy has already done well for herself and is better off financially than many of her peers. […]

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iA Clarington Investments 2022 Market Outlook

Year Ahead It is a fascinating time for the global economy. We are coming off a pandemic, close to eight […]

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Monthly Economic Monitor October 2021

Summary BY MATTHIEU ARSENEAU AND JOCELYN PAQUET The pandemic picture has brightened greatly in recent weeks. Despite this relief, economic […]

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