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RESP Withdrawals: What Qualifies as Valid Proof of Enrollment?

Valid proof of enrollment is required when making an Educational Assistance Payment (EAP) or Post-Secondary Education Payment (PSE) from a […]

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The Building Blocks of Financial Literacy

November is Financial Literacy Month. It’s a great initiative, but in reality, every month is a good time to learn […]

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Financial Literacy Month is Every Month

November is Financial Literacy Month. You may hear about events and program launches designed to increase the financial capabilities of […]

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Investing as a Post-secondary Student

Apartment rented for the school year? Check. Class schedule finalized? Check. Laptop in good working order? Check. Investment portfolio optimized? […]

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Just for Students: Budgeting 101

Congratulations! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off and starting this fall, you’re off to pursue your post-secondary education. […]

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Give Your Child the RESP Advantage

As the school year begins, many parents devote more thought to saving for their child’s post-secondary education. Truth is, it’s […]

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Helping Children Build Their Money Skills Through Hands-on Learning

Financial literacy is increasingly being recognized as a necessary life skill. After all, fluency in the language of finance can […]

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