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Parsons Financial offers many services, with one thing in mind: prioritizing sustained financial success.

To inspire lifelong relationships, financial security, and strengthen our community.


Financial management is the beginning of the process in helping you achieve your lifestyle goals. We take a step-by-step approach, developing relationships through discovery meetings and goal setting processes. We adhere to a six-step process, ensuring all aspects of your financial plan are addressed. Together we prioritize your goals and develop a map to achieve both short term financial success and long-term financial stability.


We invest as a necessity for two basic reasons; to accomplish our financial goals and to keep pace with the ever-increasing costs of living. With asset management, it is important to understand the relationship between risk and return because you can’t have one without the other. Your portfolio mix should always be consistent with your objectives, time horizon(s) and individual risk tolerance. Over the course of your life, the factors affecting your ability and willingness to assume risk will most likely change and thus your investments will be evaluated and rebalanced accordingly.


Start by asking yourself “what is my most valuable asset?” Most people immediately list off their house, maybe their car, but really, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Risk management is about protecting yourself and your dependents in the event of death, disability, or a critical illness. These unfortunate events can seem to put a halt on “normal life” but they do not put a halt on your financial obligations. The effective use of insurance** can relieve the burden of additional and ongoing expenses and allows you and your family to focus on what’s most important at that time.


We adhere to a disciplined investment process, using a goals-based approach to developing investment strategies. Understanding your lifestyle and financial goals allows us to develop a long-term strategy with the right asset mix. Taking on enough risk to achieve your financial goals, while taking no more risk than necessary.


A key component of a sound financial plan is tax efficient planning, minimization strategies for today and future generations. We work closely with a team of Certified Professional Accountants to determine the best strategy for you and your family.


Education planning may be an essential component of your plan. We coach each client to help determine priorities in their goal setting. Where applicable, we help establish funding and savings in a tax efficient manner.


Estate Planning no matter what your age is an essential component of your plan. You have worked hard to achieve your current assets and are working towards your future goals. These goals and your priorities will change over time. Our team ensures that your wishes are reviewed and documented as circumstances change.


Retirement planning is unique to every individual and family. We coach clients along the way, answering questions such as:

  • How much should I be saving?
  • At what age can I retire?
  • What income will I need during retirement?

The psychology of retirement is another key component of retirement, one which is not often discussed. We help guide clients through this journey, uncovering their newly defined purpose.


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